30/06-01/07 2018

ALTAI ULTRA-TRAIL® is the first mountain trail ultramarathon in Siberia, and the most wild of all the trails in Russia: the nearest town is 450 km from the starting point, and because the route does not cross any terrain touched by civilization, intermediate checkpoints/aid stations can only be reached either on foot, on horseback, or by helicopter.

Altai Ultra-trail ® - 2018 dates and races:

In 2018 the event will be held on June 30-July 01

The area remains the same, but all the ROUTS are modified:
110 km, + 5650 m
71 km, + 3700 m
39 km, + 2000 m
18 km, + 800 m

Details on all the routes will be published shortly.
Registration opens on 1 January 2018.