28/06-02/07 2017

ALTAI ULTRA-TRAIL® is the first mountain trail ultramarathon in Siberia, and the most wild of all the trails in Russia: the nearest town is 450 km from the starting point, and because the route does not cross any terrain touched by civilization, intermediate checkpoints/aid stations can only be reached either on foot, on horseback, or by helicopter.

If you take part in the 105 km race, you will enjoy the run following a popular hiking route of Altai: start along the valley of the river Akkem and go uphill to the foot of Mt. Belukha (the highest point of all Siberia); then cross the ridge and descend to the lake Kucherla to return following the valley of the Kucherla river. There is quite some rugged terrain at the altitude of 850 through 3060 m, while the total expected positive ascend is up to 4000 m. Along the trail you can expect heaps of fallen trees, stone runs, marshes, log crossings and fords, and chances are, you will get snow on the mountain pass.

The 50 km race isn't much easier either: you get to run all the way up to the ridge that separates the valleys of the rivers Akkem and Kucherla, to reach Kara-Turek, the highest mountain weather station of all Russia built at the altitude of 2600 m.

And finally the 30 km race that was added upon the requests of those who do not feel ready for the “ultra” but desire to attempt a real mountain trail in Altai. They get to run up to the mount Baida (2070m) with amazing view over the Katun` valley and Mt.Belukha against the skyline.

2017 new route: In addition to the three races mentioned above we offer you one more, ultimate challenge: experience a 155 km race. It is a three-day (multi-stage) race with obligatory overnight stops (camp&food provided by Organizers), approx. distances 64 km first day + 38 km second day + 53 km third day, with elevation gain +7580 m. A helicopter delivery of extra equipment to the Camp (and back) will be arranged by Organizers.

In addition, there is a “Combo” option: in 2017 you can run a 50K race (01 July) + 30K race (02 July), which can act as a "light" multi-stage race for those who would like to challenge this kind of race format.

All the routes will immerse you into the very heart of Altai mountains, and enjoying this lavishness of nature at full speed – is there a worthier challenge?

30 km race:

Distance: 28km.

50 km race:

Distance: 50km.

105 km race:

Distance: 100km.


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The registration for Altai Ultra-Trail® 2017 is open. We suggest you read Race regulations and Services thoroughly before registering.

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In addition to the 30, 50 and 105 distances we offer you to try to experience a 155 km distance that is intended for teams of two runners only. A three-days race with obligatory overnight stops (camp&food provided by organizers), approx. distances 64km first day + 38km second day + 53km third day, with elevation gain 7580m.
Registration will open on 01 January 2017.
Look for additional info and updated race regulations on site soon.

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